A woman is suing her former boyfriend $2,000 in ‘seductive damages’ after he lied to her about being married.

Eustina Marikiti has taken Moses Crater to the Harare Civil Courts in Zimbabwe to claim the compensation.

She said the money will cover the sexual and emotional abuse she suffered at the hands of her ex-boyfriend.

Eustina told the court, as reported in Metro Zimbabwe: ‘I want $2,000 as seductive damages because I was in a relationship and we used to be intimate.

‘He didn’t tell me the truth that he was a married man.

‘I suffered a lot sexually and I am still suffering emotionally because of how this man used me.’

Quoted in Metro, Moses responded: ‘This woman is my second wife and I love her.

‘When I got into a relationship with her, I told her and she was fully aware that I had another wife. She has even met my first wife.’

He told the court he believed her disapproving family was behind the lawsuit.

‘Her relatives don’t really like me and I think they are the ones behind this plot,’ he said.

‘When she took me for introductions to her family, her father threatened to burn me and my brother who was with me.’

The magistrate will rule on the case on Saturday.