MUM Sheila has a husband of 19 years who is 43 and works in finance. They have a grown-up son. She says…

“The first time I took my clothes off in front of my married lover I was so nervous I could hardly breathe. Then I looked at his face and realised he was just as nervous — so I took charge of the situation, and all my old sexual confidence came flooding back. We had met in an anonymous hotel and that night I had the best sex of my life.

I absolutely snapped after another dreadful Christmas during which my husband criticised everything I did, yet sat slumped in front of the TV while I did everything myself.

I did struggle with my conscience a little — although my husband drives me nuts and we haven’t had sex for years, I don’t want a divorce. Financially, it would be disastrous for both of us and I love our home.

In just a week after I joined the website I received so many messages from men who all wanted to meet me, including the one who became my lover. He was very funny, intelligent and charming — he has a very good job and is quite high-powered. He is a bit younger than me and has two young children.

I couldn’t believe it, as I have felt so ignored for years. My husband wouldn’t notice if I walked naked across our living room. He has no sexual interest in me.

For years my sex life had been non-existent and now I had this man panting after me. It was so thrilling.

We met and there was an immediate attraction. Then, a few weeks later, we went for a meal and on to the hotel.

Afterwards I couldn’t stop smiling. What a difference good sex makes to your self esteem! Even my husband noticed that I was much more relaxed and happy. It sounds mad, but it has actually improved our relationship, as I’m not snapping at him.

And even if it all ends soon, I will have the memory of the fabulous sex.”

Source : The Sun