Is my wife cheating on me? I caught her and a colleague on the back seat of her car. I didn’t believe her excuses then and I don’t trust anything she tells me now.

I got a call from her one day saying she would be home from work earlier than usual as she had a headache. Two hours later and no sign of her, I started to worry, so I decided to drive along her route to see if I could spot her.

As I approached the outskirts of town I saw my wife’s car parked down a cart track beside a field. Another car was behind hers. It was raining hard but when I pulled up I could see her lying in the car with the seat backs down, her skirt rucked up and some bloke with his arms around her. I opened the door and asked what the heck was going on.

He said some idiot had pulled out in front of her and narrowly missed a head-on crash. She stopped her car and he was behind so he stopped too. He said she was in a state of shock so he suggested pulling off the road until she felt better. But that doesn’t explain why they were lying like that or that she turned her phone off instead of calling me immediately.

My wife is adamant nothing untoward was happening between them, he just gave her a comfort hug. In our 20-year marriage nothing like this has ever happened before. We are a loving couple and have two boys of 17 and 14 years.

I am at my wit’s end whether to believe her or not. She says she loves me and will go to the ends of the earth to prove it. Should I leave or stay and work through our problems?

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