extramarital affair in Oxfordshire

Marital Affair in Oxfordshire

Karina, 23 from Oxford is looking for a Marital Affair in Oxfordshire

There’s boobs and well there’s boobs and Karina has one of the largest natural looking pairs we ever saw!

” I love stars and astonomy i can sit and look up ( or fuck under ) them all night, great fun with some headphones and good music also i have a thing for keys ? couldnt say why there preeeetty hah….. yeah ok well let that one go hmmm…. now im just runnin outta stuff and talking nonsense.”

“More into the cute, intelligent and suave type than the muscle bound hulks that roam free like the wildebeest in the area i live :/
not that they cant be fun…. for a couple hours but after that they dont have much use. Talk talk talk, love of cinema and all you can eat chinese buffet very important…. and humility in defeat when i destroy you on super smash bros a must.”

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