The true cost of being Married but Bored

The true cost of being Married but Bored

The true cost of being Married but Bored

Michelle is mum of two teenage daughters, with a husband of 42 and a boring marriage She says…

“I have signed up to Married but Bored this week because I’ve absolutely had enough of my husband — but I don’t want a divorce.

He drove me round the bend this Christmas, refusing to lift a finger to help, and all he bought me for Christmas was a new kettle and a microwave. I mean really, how romantic can you get!

We’ve been married for 15 years and I don’t want a divorce as it would upset my daughters too much. I’d rather wait until they are off at university.

The sex in our marriage is totally stale and boring, of the climb on, climb off variety — and that’s only when he can be bothered.

I feel totally unloved and neglected. When we first got together he was so romantic, buying me flowers and even writing me poetry. But now it is as if he hardly knows I exist.

I love being treated and taken out for dinner. I am hoping that my new married lovers will wine and dine me, as well as taking me to bed.

I feel very nervous about the sex as I haven’t slept with anyone but my husband for 15 years, but it’s a very exciting kind of nervousness.

My sex life with my husband all but stopped after the birth of our second daughter. I suspect he might be playing away too, as he works late a lot and doesn’t seem to desire me at all. Our sex is very perfunctory and rare. I feel trapped and lonely.

Now, with a new year upon us and the promise of lots of fun, I feel like a different woman.

I don’t feel guilty as I suspect my husband might be doing something similar and anyway, why shouldn’t I bring some fun and sex into my boring life?”

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