Aberdeen Married but Bored infidelity scandal

Billy Fagan reveals scout leader infidelity

Beaver Scout partners ‘whisky-infused’ revelation

It’s been reported in the Daily Mail that a Beaver Scout pack in Aberdeen has been rocked by a sex-scandal worthy of any soap opera.

Software developer Billy Fagan, 36, posted a message on the website of Stonywood Scouts, in Aberdeen, yesterday, accusing partner Catherine Mcneice, 35, of infidelity.

The post subject was ‘Leaders in Love’ and also said ‘two of our leaders scouting each other out (wink, wink).’

He went on to write: ‘Yes, our Beavers leader Catherine and our Scout leader Graeme have recently found a liking for each other’s attentions. And who can blame them!
‘Following their regular nights together at scouts and all their camping adventures they’ve decided to take their love into the digital age with a series of texts showing their involvement.

Goes to show even scout leaders are Married but Bored.