Celebrity Affair with Casey Batchelor &  Jonathan Joseph

Even famous people engage in extra-marital activities. Just ask England Rugby star Jonathan Joseph who embarked on a celebrity affair with Casey Batchelor despite his 7 year relationship with Eloise Harris.

Joseph played a blinder and key Batchelor happy so she never suspected a thing

“I’m gutted. He just used me for fun. There was never any mention of a girlfriend. Even after we slept together he continued to treat me really well,” she told The Sun.

“He stayed in bed and we had cuddles. He texted me as soon as he left to say what a nice night he’d had. I never saw it coming.”

When she found out, the furious ex-Celebrity Big Brother star confronted Joseph and told him she didn’t want to be part of a love triangle.

“He said they’d been together a long time and never saw each other with him living in Bath and her in Manchester. I told him I wasn’t going to be a third person. I said if this was going to develop he’d have to finish with her.”

However, apparently he refused to end things with his long-term girlfriend: “He’s clearly just an immature 24-year-old”.