Cuckolding with a married couple

Kirsty, 29 from Portskewett, Gwent is looking for sexy men to enjoy cuckolding with a married couple. In her own words, she happily married but that doesnt stop her looking around.

“Happily married and looking to fulfill some of Hubby’s fantasies he would like me to have fun with other men so i can tell him all about it. So I’m here to look for volunteers to help me with this 😉 If your interested feel free to message.”

In fact, many of our users have the permission of their partner when signing up to Married but Bored. If you’d like to be one of the ‘other men’ please message Kirsty via the members area.

Cuckolding in Gwent

Abergavenny, NP7

with Oliver (Gwent)

Gwehelog Fawr, NP15

with Hunter (Gwent)

Cwmbran, NP44

with Dean (Gwent)

Monmouth, NP25

with Laurel (Gwent)

Cwmbran, NP44

with Jaden (Gwent)

Cwmbran, NP44

with Donna (Gwent)

Tredegar, NP22

with Quinn (Gwent)

Cwmbran, NP44

with Brett (Gwent)

Abergavenny, NP7

with Martena (Gwent)